Posted On: Jul 24, 2019

You can now enable AWS X-Ray for your messages passing through Amazon SNS, making it easier to trace and analyze messages as they travel through to the downstream services. AWS X-Ray provides more insights to developers troubleshooting performance issues and errors for their distributed applications and microservices. 

With support of AWS X-Ray, you can see the map view of connections between Amazon SNS and other services used by your application from the AWS X-Ray console. You can gain visibility into metrics such as average latency and failure rates. For example, you can now trace messages published to a SNS topic for distribution to Amazon SQS queues or AWS Lambda functions.  

Amazon SNS support for AWS X-Ray trace is available in all AWS X-Ray regions.

Amazon SNS is a simple, reliable, scalable, and fully managed pub/sub and mobile messaging service. With Amazon SNS, you can use topics to simultaneously distribute messages to multiple subscribing endpoints such as mobile devices (SMS and push notifications), email addresses, Amazon SQS queues, AWS Lambda functions and HTTP webhooks.

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