Posted On: Jul 2, 2019

You can now share your Amazon Aurora DB clusters with other AWS accounts for quick and efficient database cloning.

Database cloning is faster than restoring a snapshot and requires no additional space at the time of creation. You are only charged for additional storage if you make data changes in the cloned DB cluster. Cross-account database cloning could be useful, for example, when you have separate accounts for production and testing. You can use the clone to verify schema changes, test different parameters, and run analytic queries on production data without providing direct access to the production account or impacting the performance of the production database.

Both MySQL- and PostgreSQL-compatible editions of Amazon Aurora support cross-account database cloning. Read more about database cloning in the Aurora documentation. To create a cross-account database clone, visit the AWS Management Console or download the latest AWS SDK or CLI.

Aurora integrates with AWS Resource Access Manager (RAM), enabling you to securely share DB clusters with other accounts for cloning. This capability is supported in all AWS regions where Aurora and RAM are available. Refer the AWS Region Table for regional availability.