Posted On: Aug 28, 2019

Run Command now lets you select a resource group as a command target. Resource groups make it easier to organize, manage, and automate tasks on large numbers of resources at one time. Resource group support as a command target enables you to automate your administrative and ad hoc tasks on all of the managed instances that belong in the resource group. 

Previously, targets for Run Command were chosen by selecting instances manually or through tags. With the support of resource groups, you can now select a resource group as the target of Run Command execution. For example, you can patch all of the managed instances that belong in a resource group by executing a Run Command with that resource group selected as the target. 

Run Command is a feature of Systems Manager. Systems Manager enables visibility and control of your cloud and on-premises infrastructure. It simplifies resource and application management, shortens the time to detect and resolve operational problems, and makes it easier to operate and manage your infrastructure securely at scale. 

This enhancement is available in all AWS Regions where resource groups are available. For more information, see our Documentation. To learn more about Run Command, visit our Product Page.