Posted On: Aug 28, 2019

You can now use AWS Systems Manager Session Manager to specify a single command or a sequence of commands that execute in an interactive shell experience on an Amazon EC2 or on-premises instance. This enables you to easily limit user interaction to a specific command or command sequence, which helps you manage the interactive actions a user can take. 

Session Manager eliminates the need for bastion hosts and open inbound ports to interact with your Linux and Windows instances using a shell experience. This provides cost savings and improves your security posture. With this enhancement, you can now use Session Manager to interactively run specific commands, such as viewing a log file on a production server or interacting with a script that executes on an instance. To get started, create a new Session Manager document for interactive commands and start a new session using that document. This enhancement is available at the AWS Command Line Interface (AWS CLI). 

Session Manager is a feature in Systems Manager. Systems Manager enables visibility and control of your cloud and on-premises infrastructure. It simplifies resource and application management, shortens the time to detect and resolve operational problems, and makes it easier to operate and manage your infrastructure securely at scale. 

This enhancement is available in all AWS Regions where Systems Manager is available. For more information, see our Documentation. To learn more about Session Manager, visit our Product Page.