Posted On: Sep 18, 2019

Amazon API Gateway simplifies accessing private APIs by allowing you to associate one or more Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) Endpoints to a private API. API Gateway will create and manage Route53 alias records necessary for easily invoking the Private APIs. With this feature, you can leverage Private APIs in web applications hosted within your VPCs.  

Private APIs enable you to securely expose REST APIs to resources only within your VPCs via VPC Endpoints (VPCE). You define Resource Policies in API Gateway along with VPC Endpoint policies to control access between VPCs and Private APIs.  

When you want to disable private Domain Name System (DNS) on the VPCE and allow access to a Private API via this VPCE, you can use this feature to get an endpoint alias for your Private API.  

You can use this feature in all the regions where API Gateway Private APIs is available i.e., except Middle East (Bahrain). To see all regions where API Gateway is available, visit the Region Table page.  

Visit our API Gateway documentation to learn more about accessing private APIs. For more information about API Gateway, visit our product page