AWS DataSync supports all Amazon S3 storage classes, more data controls

Posted on: Sep 24, 2019

When using AWS DataSync you can now directly transfer data into any Amazon S3 storage class, control overwrites for existing files or objects, and configure additional data verification checks.

DataSync is an online data transfer service that automates and accelerates copying data between Network File System (NFS) or Server Message Block (SMB) file servers, Amazon S3 buckets, and Amazon Elastic File System (Amazon EFS) file systems. These new options work together to manage costs and simplify using DataSync for migration of active data, transfers for analysis and processing, and replication for archiving or business continuity.

DataSync can transfer data directly into all S3 storage classes without having to manage zero-day lifecycle policies. For each transfer you can select the most cost-effective S3 storage class for your needs. DataSync detects existing files or objects in the destination file system or bucket. To prevent accidental modification or loss of data, you can configure DataSync to never overwrite existing data. DataSync always performs data integrity checks while transferring and writing data to the destination. Now you can configure an additional verification check after data is stored, for the entire dataset or just the files or objects that DataSync transferred.

These new options can be used through the AWS Console or CLI in all regions where DataSync is available. To learn more, see the DataSync User Guide and website, and get started in the DataSync console