AWS IoT Things Graph is now available in the Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region

Posted on: Oct 1, 2019

AWS IoT Things Graph is now available in the AWS Asia Pacific (Seoul) Region. 

AWS IoT Things Graph is a fully managed service that enables customers to rapidly build IoT applications using a visual drag-and-drop interface to connect and coordinate any devices and web services of their choice. Once customers are ready to deploy their application, AWS IoT Things Graph automatically stitches together low-level device and service details (e.g., communication protocols, unit conversions), so they can communicate with one another with little custom code, saving customers time, effort, and money. Customers can deploy their application to either the AWS IoT Cloud or Greengrass-enabled gateway 

Please see the AWS Region table for all the regions where AWS IoT Things Graph is available. Visit our IoT website to learn more about AWS IoT services.