Posted On: Oct 29, 2019

AWS Snowball Edge now supports block storage volumes of up to 10 TB, ten times higher than the previous limit of 1 TB. A higher volume size limit provides you greater flexibility when using block storage with your applications on Snowball Edge.

With block storage on Snowball Edge, you are able to add or remove volumes from EC2 instances running on your device, and volumes persist independently from the instances. There are two types of block storage volumes available on Snowball Edge. For latency-sensitive applications such as machine learning, you can deploy a performance-optimized SSD volume (sbp1). Performance optimized volumes on the Snowball Edge Compute Optimized device use NVMe SSD, and on the Snowball Edge Storage Optimized device they use SATA SSD. Alternatively, you can use capacity-optimized HDD volumes (sbg1) on any Snowball Edge device.

This feature is available in AWS regions worldwide. To get started and learn more, please refer to the following resources:

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