Posted On: Nov 13, 2019

Amazon Chime Voice Connector, the AWS SIP trunking service that can save you over 50% on your calling costs, now supports the US West (Oregon) region and redundant call routing across multiple regions for higher availability and disaster recovery. With this feature, companies can continue to place and receive phone calls even if access to an individual AWS region fails or performance degrades. With Voice Connector, customers have the option to enable inbound calling, outbound calling, or both. 

The feature increases the completion of toll-free calls to on-premises Contact Centers and high-volume, outbound dialer calls. Companies with on-premises Private Branch Exchanges (PBXs) or cloud-based phone systems will also benefit from increased calling availability.  

To start using redundant call routing, log into the Amazon Chime console and provision Voice Connectors in two separate AWS regions and then add them to a Voice Connector Group. There is no charge for creating Voice Connector groups; charges only incur for the actual call minutes and the phone numbers.To learn more about this feature, please read our documentation and blog. To learn more about Amazon Chime Voice Connector, visit our website.