Posted On: Nov 14, 2019

You can now assign tags to Amazon Connect users to better organize or manage access to them via API. Tags are key value pairs which enable you to control access to Amazon Connect users who are tagged by team, role, or other criteria. For example, you can grant API access to all agents, to only agents tagged to a given line of business (LOB), or if you use third-party outsources, to only agents tagged as their employees.

To learn more about how to tag Amazon Connect users, see the Amazon Connect API reference guide. Once a tag is assigned to Amazon Connect user through the Amazon Connect user management API, you can express AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM) policies to manage who can access that user. This facilitates more granular access controls for Amazon Connect users within an Amazon Connect instance. For more information on how to control access based on tags, see Controlling Access Using Tags in the IAM User Guide.

Tagging users is supported in all AWS regions where Amazon Connect is offered. There is no charge to use the Amazon Connect User API or the tagging feature. To learn more about Amazon Connect, the AWS could-based contact center, please visit the Amazon Connect website.