Posted On: Nov 25, 2019

Starting today, Customer Voice Stream enables you to stream all audio to and from your end-customer in real-time. Now in addition to the audio coming from the customer, a second stream includes the audio the customer hears, which might include agent speech or audio played as prompt in a contact flow or from an Amazon Lex bot. 

When media streaming is enabled, audio is sent to an Amazon Kinesis Video Stream, third parties can access it to do things like real-time text transcription and sentiment analysis that would immediately alert if abusive speech is detected during a phone call.  

To get started with streaming in real-time, add the Start media streaming block in your contact flow; see the documentation for more details. Learn more about the Amzon Kinesis Video multi-track; see the documentation.

Customer Voice Stream is available in all AWS regions where Amazon Connect is offered. When you enable Customer Voice Stream, you will be charged for Kinesis Video Stream service usage. To learn more about Amazon Connect, the AWS self-service for contact centers in the cloud, please visit the Amazon Connect website.