Posted On: Mar 12, 2020

Amazon API Gateway announced the general availability of HTTP APIs, enabling customers to easily build high performance RESTful APIs that offer up to 71% cost savings and 60% latency reduction compared to REST APIs available from API Gateway. As part of this launch, customers will be able to take advantage of several new features including the ability the route requests to private AWS Elastic Load Balancers (ELB), including new support for AWS ALB, and IP-based services registered in AWS CloudMap. 

Prior to its general availability release, HTTP APIs enabled customers to build APIs for their serverless applications or to proxy requests to HTTP endpoints. Now, customers can also leverage the benefits of HTTP APIs to build APIs for services behind private ALBs, private NLBs, and IP-based services registered in CloudMap such as ECS tasks. To make it easier for customers to work between API Gateway REST APIs and HTTP APIs, customers can now use the same custom domain across both REST APIs and HTTP APIs. In addition, this release also enables customers to perform granular throttling for routes, improved usability when using Lambda as a backend, and better error logging. 

To learn more about HTTP APIs from API Gateway, read the blog post. To learn more about API Gateway, visit our product page. HTTP APIs is available in all regions where API Gateway is available. To see where API Gateway is available, review the AWS Region Table