Posted On: Mar 9, 2020

CloudFormation Drift Detection and Resource Import are now available in seven additional AWS regions: EU (Stockholm), Middle East (Bahrain), Asia Pacific (Hong Kong), China (Ningxia), China (Beijing), and AWS GovCloud (US).  

CloudFormation allows you to model and provision cloud resources as code in a safe, predictable, and consistent manner. With Drift Detection enabled, you are able to detect if configuration changes were made to your stack outside of CloudFormation via the AWS Management Console, CLI, and SDKs. Drift is the difference between the expected configuration values of stack resources defined in CloudFormation templates and the actual configuration values of these resources in the corresponding CloudFormation stacks. This allows you to better manage your CloudFormation stacks and ensure consistency in your resource configurations.  

Resource Import allows you to bring existing AWS application resources into CloudFormation. With Resource Import, you can start managing existing resources such as Amazon S3 Buckets or DynamoDB Tables with all the benefits of CloudFormation, regardless of how they were created or managed previously.

For CloudFormation Drift Detection and Resource Import region availability, refer to the AWS Region Table.