Posted On: Mar 31, 2020

AWS Firewall Manager now supports new version of AWS WAF including AWS Managed Rules (AMR). Firewall Manager is a security management tool to centrally configure and manage firewall rules across your accounts and resources including WAF, AWS Shield and VPC security groups.

With this release, Firewall Manager will allow some key new capabilities in addition to features already supported by the current AWS WAF Classic integration. Customers will now be able to centrally enable AWS Managed Rules across their accounts and resources, in addition to marketplace rules managed by partners. AWS Managed Rules are a set of AWS WAF rules curated and maintained by the AWS Threat Research Team. With just a few clicks, security administrators within organizations can now scale protections to their web applications for new and emerging threats, with out of box pre-configured rules. In addition, this release will also allow multiple rule group support per web access control list (web ACL), beyond the current limit of two rule groups per web ACL. The capacity limit will be defined by web ACL capacity units (WCU) to calculate and control the operating resources that are used to run your rules, rule groups, and web ACLs. Lastly, users will also be able to exclude specific rules within rule groups. This will selectively skip over certain rules in the rule group from being evaluated.

Please refer to the AWS Region Table for more details about region availability. To learn more about Firewall Manager, visit the Firewall Manager product website or see the documentation to get started.