Posted On: Apr 28, 2020

AWS Service Catalog has added three new portfolios to the Getting Started Library that enable customers to build faster on AWS. These new portfolios include AWS Quick Starts, AWS Solutions, and AWS Config Conformance Packs, with a total of 30 new well-architected implementations and blueprints for solving common enterprise cloud needs. Service Catalog Administrators can share these implementations and blueprints with their teams, providing developer self-service while staying compliant with organizational best practices and policies.

The AWS Quick Starts portfolio helps you accelerate the implementation of your AWS Marketplace solutions. It includes 15 Quick Start templates for AWS Marketplace products such as Aviatrix, BIG-IP, Chef, Fortinet, Splunk, TIBCO, Trend Micro, and more. The AWS Solutions portfolio includes 11 implementations that enable admins to quickly establish a secure set of capabilities in multiple domain areas, including centralized logging, limit monitoring, web application firewall security automation, distributed load testing, server fleet management, and serverless image handling. The AWS Config Conformance Packs portfolio helps customers implement automated AWS resource conformance for Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM), and PCI DSS.

It's easy to get started. You can find the new portfolios in the Getting Started Library in the AWS Service Catalog console. The new portfolios are available in the AWS Regions in which Service Catalog is available. Using blueprints may require subscriptions to third-party software products through AWS Marketplace, and you will be charged for AWS resources used. To learn more, visit the AWS Service Catalog Getting Started Library documentation.