Posted On: Apr 30, 2020

The Amazon Linux 2 AMI with .NET Core and Mono has been updated to include the MATE Desktop Environment. The AMI comes pre-configured with .NET Core 3.1 (with Long Term Support), Mono 6.8, PowerShell Core 6.2, the AWS Command Line Interface (CLI), and the MATE Desktop Environment. 

Customers run .NET applications on Amazon Linux 2 without paying Windows licensing costs along with PowerShell Core which provides a shell and scripting experience similar to Windows. The addition of MATE as a pre-installed and pre-configured component now allows customers to use and administer Amazon Linux 2 instances running their .NET applications from an intuitive Graphical User Interface (GUI) without using the command line. Built-in GUI-based tools can be used to perform common tasks such as add/remove software, apply software updates, organize files, launch programs, monitor system health, etc. 

The AMI is provided at no additional cost beyond the Amazon EC2 instance hours used and is available in all AWS regions. You can begin using the AMIs directly through EC2 Console and follow instructions in the Amazon Linux 2 user guide to connect to this instance using a Remote Desktop Client (RDP) connection.