Posted On: May 11, 2020

Amazon Kendra is now generally available to all AWS customers, with exciting new feature additions. Amazon Kendra provides customers with a highly accurate and easy to use enterprise search service powered by machine learning. Kendra offers a more intuitive way to search, using natural language, and returns more accurate answers; so your end users can discover information stored within the vast amount of content spread across your organization. Users can ask questions like "How long is maternity leave?" and get a specific answer such as "14 weeks", or "How do I configure my VPN?" and get a specific passage extracted from a document describing the process. With Kendra, you can provide pinpoint search accuracy from content within your manuals, research reports, FAQs, HR documentation, customer service guides, and more. 

Kendra is available as a console application for setup and administration workflows, as well as APIs for additional flexibility. The Amazon Kendra preview offered built-in connectors for SharePoint Online, Amazon S3, and databases. Starting today, Kendra will offer connectors for other popular data sources like, Salesforce, Servicenow and OneDrive, with more coming up later this year. You can also use the Kendra API to build your own connectors and publish data directly into your Kendra index. Once your data is ingested, you can immediately test your search in the console, and easily deploy search components to your application with code samples Kendra provides in the console. Amazon Kendra Developer Edition provides developers with a lower- cost option to build proof of concepts (POCs) and experiment more with Amazon Kendra. Kendra Developer Edition has the same features as Kendra Enterprise Edition, but limited to 4,000 queries per day, up to 10k searchable documents across 5 data sources, and runs on a single availability zone. Kendra Developer Edition does not offer the scaling options available in the Enterprise Edition. Therefore this edition is ideal for development purposes, not recommended for production. Amazon Kendra is optimized to find accurate answers from specific domains, and starting today we are adding eight new domains such as Health, HR, Legal, Telecom, Media & Entertainment, Travel & Leisure, Automotive, and News. This is in addition to the previous domains we launched during preview: IT, Finance, pharmaceuticals, Insurance, Energy, and Chemicals. 

Customers like Woodside, 3M, PwC and Baker Tilly are discovering the power of Kendra and reporting significant improvements in accuracy and speed when searching, compared to existing solutions.

To get started, read the documentation where you’ll find details on creating your first index, adding data sources, testing search and deploying Kendra search in your application. We'll also show you how you can tune relevance by boosting field priorities in your index. Kendra is available today in the AWS console, via the AWS SDKs, and the AWS CLI in the following regions: Northern Virginia, Oregon, and Ireland. See the AWS Region Table for more details. To learn more visit the Amazon Kendra website.