Elastic Load Balancing simplifies your AWS bill by introducing a new billing section

Posted on: Aug 3, 2020

We are making a change to how we present Elastic Load Balancing charges in your AWS bill and Cost and Usage Reports to make it easier for you to understand your monthly Elastic Load Balancing spend. These changes will be effective in all AWS regions beginning August 2020.  

Today, charges related to Load Balancing for the use of Classic, Application, and Network Load balancers are displayed along with the rest of your compute charges in the “Elastic Compute Cloud” section of your monthly AWS bill. Many of you let us know that you would like more visibility on the load balancing related charges on your bill. Based on your feedback, we are introducing a new section in your monthly bill called “Elastic Load Balancing”, which will separately display the charges and utilization related information for all of your Classic, Application, and Network Load Balancers across all AWS regions.  

Your total AWS bill amount will not change. Your bill will simply now show charges for load balancing under the new “Elastic Load Balancing” section. For more details on pricing, please visit the Elastic Load Balancing pricing page.