Posted On: Oct 20, 2020

Amazon CloudFront announces Origin Shield, a centralized caching layer that helps increase your cache hit ratio to reduce the load on your origin. Origin Shield also decreases your origin operating costs by collapsing requests across regions so as few as one request goes to your origin per object. You can also use Lambda@Edge with Origin Shield to enable advanced serverless logic like dynamic origin load balancing. Customers using Origin Shield for live streaming, image handling, or multi-CDN workloads have reported up to a 57% reduction in their origin’s load.

Customer origins with processes that require more compute per request, such as just-in-time packaging, can be sensitive to the number of origin fetches. CloudFront already provides Regional Edge Caches at no additional cost to reduce the operational burden on your origins. Now, you can further minimize your origin’s load by enabling Origin Shield in your CloudFront Origin Settings with just two clicks. To configure Origin Shield, choose the Regional Edge Cache closest to your origin to become your Origin Shield Region. All Origin Shield Regions are built using a highly-available architecture that spans several Availability Zones and includes automatic failover to secondary Origin Shield Regions. Once enabled, CloudFront will route all origin fetches through Origin Shield, and only make a request to your origin if the content is not already stored in Origin Shield's cache.

Origin Shield is charged as a request fee for each request that goes to Origin Shield as an incremental layer. For more information about Origin Shield pricing, see CloudFront Pricing. To learn more about Origin Shield, refer to the Amazon CloudFront Developer Guide. Get started with Amazon CloudFront by visiting our webpage.