AWS Fargate Spot for Amazon ECS is now supported in AWS CloudFormation

Posted on: Oct 26, 2020

Amazon Elastic Container Service (Amazon ECS) on AWS Fargate capacity providers is now supported in AWS CloudFormation, which makes it easier to manage and run Amazon ECS tasks across Fargate and Fargate Spot. You can now use CloudFormation to automate the management of Fargate capacity providers, associate them with ECS clusters, and specify capacity provider strategies at the cluster and service level by using a CloudFormation template. 

Amazon ECS capacity providers help you manage compute capacity for containers by allowing the application to define its requirements for how it uses the capacity. When running ECS tasks and services, you can split them across multiple capacity providers including a predefined split percentage across Fargate and Fargate Spot capacity. ECS tasks running on Fargate use the FARGATE and FARGATE_SPOT capacity providers which are already created and available in all AWS accounts in Regions where AWS Fargate is available and only need to be associated with a cluster to be available for use.

With Fargate Spot, you can run fault-tolerant ECS tasks at up to a 70% discounted rate compared to the Fargate price. CloudFormation templates make it even easier to automate and optimize costs with Fargate Spot, and allow you to more easily integrate Fargate with other AWS services. You can continue to manage Fargate capacity providers using the AWS Management Console, CLI, SDKs, or API. 

For more information about using CloudFormation to manage ECS on Fargate capacity providers, visit ECS Capacity Provider, ECS Cluster, and ECS Service resource type references in the CloudFormation User Guide.