Posted On: Nov 9, 2020

Amazon S3 Object Ownership is now generally available with the addition of support for AWS CloudFormation. S3 Object Ownership is a new S3 feature that enables bucket owners to automatically assume ownership of objects that are uploaded to their buckets by other AWS Accounts. This helps you to standardize ownership of new objects in your bucket, and to share and manage access to these objects at scale via resource-based policies such as a bucket policy or an access point policy. Whether your S3 bucket receives data from other AWS accounts, or stores output from AWS services like AWS CloudTrail, S3 Object Ownership simplifies the work of creating and maintaining shared data sets on Amazon S3. 

Amazon S3 Object Ownership is available at no additional cost in all AWS Regions including the AWS GovCloud (US) Regions. You can configure S3 Object Ownership through the S3 Management Console, CLI, API, or SDK.  

To learn more about Amazon S3 Object Ownership, visit our documentation.