Posted On: Nov 9, 2020

AWS Snowball Edge now supports the ability to import virtual machine (VM) images as Amazon Machine Images (AMIs) into your Snowball Edge device after it has been deployed to your edge location, reducing the time it takes to add or update AMIs at the edge from days to minutes. This feature is available for the Snowball Edge Compute Optimized and Snowball Edge Storage Optimized device types and is available in all AWS Regions where these device types are available, and at no additional cost.  

Prior to this launch, you were able to add AMIs to your Snow device when you first completed your order. If you wanted to make changes to your AMIs or add new ones to a Snowball Edge device, you would need to order a new Snow device. Now, you can add AMIs to your devices onsite in minutes without having to order and wait for new devices to arrive. 

This feature is available on Snow devices that are ordered on or after November 9, 2020. For more information about importing VM images to your Snowball Edge devices and for Snowball Edge region availability, visit the AWS Snowball documentation, AWS Snowball product page, and AWS Region availability page. Log into the AWS Snow Family console to get started.