Posted On: Feb 23, 2021

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling now allows you to view deleted Auto Scaling groups in the scaling history. Previously if you deleted an Auto Scaling group, you needed to either maintain a record of scaling activities for deleted Auto Scaling groups or ask AWS support team to retrieve the scaling activities for you. Now, you can specify one additional parameter in a describe call to get a description of the scaling history for deleted Auto Scaling groups. This makes it easier to keep a record of scaling activities after an application has been shut down.

Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling helps you maintain application availability and allows you to automatically add or remove EC2 instances according to conditions you define. You can use the fleet management features to maintain the health and availability of your fleet. This feature is available in all commercial and AWS GovCloud (US) Regions where Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling is available.

For more information, visit the Amazon EC2 Auto Scaling documentation page.