Posted On: Feb 17, 2021

You can now use the Amazon Redshift Query editor with Amazon Redshift clusters enabled with enhanced VPC routing. You can leverage AWS Secrets Manager to store your cluster credentials and use that with the Amazon Redshift Query Editor.

You can query data in your Amazon Redshift cluster directly from your AWS Management console, using the Query Editor. The Redshift Query Editor provides an easier way for admins and end-users to run SQL queries without having to install and setup an external JDBC/ODBC client. Query results are instantly visible within the console.

The query editor is now supported on all node types and the query time-out limit has been increased from 10 minutes to 24 hours to support queries with longer run times. Query Editor now supports AWS Secrets Manager to store your connection and authentication information securely.

To learn how to use the Query Editor, see the Query Editor documentation in Amazon Redshift Cluster Management Guide or watch this demo.

This feature is available in all regions except AWS GovCloud (US), Africa (Cape Town), and Asia Pacific (Osaka) Local Region.

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