Posted On: Mar 4, 2021

Amazon EventBridge now supports API Destinations, a simple and reliable way for customers to send events to any HTTP API, such as self-managed or Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, allowing customers to easily extend their existing applications without writing code. Authorization is built in so customers don’t have to write or manage additional code to authorize their requests.
EventBridge is a Serverless event bus service that enables you to create scalable event-driven applications by routing events between your own applications, third-party SaaS applications, and other AWS services via built-in integrations. You can set up routing rules to determine where to send your data, allowing for application architectures to react to changes in your data and systems as they occur. Amazon EventBridge makes it easy to build event-driven applications because it takes care of event ingestion and delivery, security, authorization, and error handling.
With API Destinations, you only need to specify the URL that you want to send events to along with the connection details required to authorize the request. You can use the familiar rule routing logic and specify API Destinations as a target to a new or existing rule, and EventBridge will take care of the delivery while handling authorization, throughput, and scaling. You can also use transformation support to format the payload before invoking the HTTP API. Furthermore, you can specify a rate limit when invoking the endpoints to align with the third-party applications’ API limits.
You can get started with API Destinations using the AWS Management Console or using the APIs. With a few quick steps, you can start sending events to third party applications. For API Destinations, you pay for event invocations. To learn about pricing, please visit the EventBridge pricing page.

We have worked with the following SaaS providers to make it easier for you to set up an API destination for them: Datadog, Freshworks, MongoDB, TriggerMesh, Zendesk.

API Destinations is available in the following regions: US East (Ohio and N. Virginia), US West (Oregon and N. California), Canada (Central), Middle East (Bahrain), EU (Stockholm, Paris, Ireland, Frankfurt, London, and Milan), Africa (Cape Town), Asia Pacific (Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney), and South America (Sao Paulo).

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