With Amazon EventBridge, you pay for events published to your event bus and events ingested for schema discovery. There are no additional charges for rules or event delivery. There are no minimum fees or upfront commitments. All state change events published by AWS services are free.

Pricing table

AWS service events  Free
Custom events  $1.00/million custom events published
Third-party (SaaS) events $1.00/million events published
Cross-account events $1.00/million cross-account events sent

Size of Payloads: Each 64 KB chunk of a payload is billed as 1 event (for example, an event with a 256 KB payload is billed as 4 requests). 

Schema Registry - In Preview

Usage of the Schema Registry is free.

The Schema Discovery feature includes a free tier of 5M ingested events per month. In most development use cases, where you use discovery in your development environment, your usage should stay within the free tier.
For additional usage outside of the free tier, for example if you wanted to use Schema Discovery to audit all events passing through your production event bus, usage above the free tier is charged at:

  • $0.10 per million events ingested for discovery.

All ingested events are measured in 8KB chunks.

The schema registry preview is available in US East (Ohio), US West (Oregon), US East (Northern Virginia) Asia Pacific (Tokyo) Region, and Europe (Ireland) Regions.

Pricing examples

SaaS Application

If a SaaS application published 5 million events in one month, your charges would be calculated as follows:
The monthly price is $1 per 1 million events.
Monthly events = 5M events (all equal to or less than 64 KB each)
Monthly events charges = 5M * $1.00/M = $5.00 per month

$5.00 per month

Schema Discovery

If your development environment published 2 million events in a month, each averaging 2KB; and you enabled Schema Discovery on your development event bus, your charges would be calculated as follows:
Monthly events = 2M events * $1.00/M = $2.00 per month.
Schema registry = Free.
Schema Discovery = 2M events. No additional discovery costs (5M events included in free tier).
Total Monthly EventBridge charges = $2.00 (event publishing) + $0 (Schema Registry) + $0 Schema Discovery = $2.00 per month.

$2.00 per month

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