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Amazon EventBridge learning path

How to use Amazon EventBridge to build decoupled, event-driven architectures | Video series

In this learning path, you will get an overview of EventBridge, the basics of event-driven architectures, as well as a deeper dive into EventBridge capabilities, and how best to use in your serverless applications.

EventBridge Deep Dive Webinar

Amazon EventBridge Deep Dive | (50:22)

In this webinar, we'll cover all things EventBridge, including how events flow from internal and external applications through EventBridge, and how you can use rules and policies to route, transform, and control access to these events. 

How To Get Started With Amazon EventBridge (8:58)
How To Set Up A Custom Event Bus With Amazon EventBridge (7:42)
How to Use Amazon EventBridge Schema Registry (11:24)
Amazon EventBridge: Integrating with Zendesk (11:01)
Amazon EventBridge: Integrating with Auth0 (7:09)
Amazon EventBridge: Integrating with PagerDuty (7:34)
AWS New York Summit 2019: Intro to Event-driven Architectures and Amazon EventBridge (51:38)


Key concepts, tutorials, and instructions for using features
How to use EventBridge from the AWS CLI
How to use the EventBridge API, including actions and data types

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Amazon EventBridge – Event-Driven AWS Integration for your SaaS Applications
Jeff Barr July 11, 2019

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