Posted On: Mar 1, 2021

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is announcing the launch of Asia Pacific (Osaka) as a standard AWS Region, expanding Osaka from its design as a Local Region. The number of Availability Zones (AZs) in Asia Pacific (Osaka) is increasing from one to three, the service portfolio is expanding, and new pricing options are available.

The expansion of the Osaka Region is a continuation of our initiatives to support the growth of the country. The AWS Asia Pacific (Osaka) Region is designed to offer the same security, availability, and scalability as any other AWS region. This is AWS’s ninth region in Asia Pacific, joining existing regions in Beijing, Hong Kong, Mumbai, Ningxia, Seoul, Singapore, Sydney, and Tokyo.

To learn more about the new region, visit the AWS Asia Pacific (Osaka) Region page. For a complete listing of AWS Services available in the Osaka Region, please visit the AWS Region Table page. Pricing for this region is available on the detail page of each respective AWS service.