Posted On: Apr 9, 2021

You can now use Amazon CloudWatch Lambda Insights to monitor, troubleshoot, and optimize the performance of AWS Lambda functions which are packaged and deployed as container images. With CloudWatch Lambda Insights you have access to automated dashboards summarizing the performance and health of your Lambda functions. 

You can package and deploy Lambda functions as container images, using tools such as the Docker CLI. This makes it easier to build and deploy larger workloads that rely on sizable dependencies, such as machine learning or data-intensive workloads. Lambda functions deployed as container images benefit from the same operational simplicity, automatic scaling, high availability, and native integrations with many services as functions packaged as ZIP archives. Now with CloudWatch Lambda Insights you can collect detailed performance metrics, logs, and metadata from these Lambda functions providing visibility into issues such as memory leaks or performance changes caused by new function versions. 

To get started with CloudWatch Lambda Insights Lambda Container Image Support using the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI or CloudFormation see the CloudWatch Lambda Insights page, now available in all standard AWS Regions. You only pay for what you use for metrics and logs. See the CloudWatch pricing page for a pricing example.