Posted On: Apr 20, 2021

Amazon EMR Release 5.33 now supports 10 new instance types - C6gd, M6gd, R6gd, C6gn,C5a, C5ad, d3, d3en, m5zn and R5b. These instances are supported in all commercial regions where the instances are available. Amazon EMR 5.33 ships with Apache Hudi 0.7.0, ApacheFlink 1.12.1, PrestoDB 0.245 and Zeppelin 0.9.0.

Apache Hudi on Amzon EMR, allows you to use Apache Hudi with your existing Parquet datasets without needing you to rewrite the datasets. Please read our blog to learn more.

Amazon EMR versions 5.23.1, 5.27.1 and 5.32 and later support IMDSv2 for all IMDS calls. Please read our documentation to learn more.

Amazon EMR team published the 2020 year in review and you can learn more from our blog.

Amazon EMR 5.33 is generally available in all commercial regions where Amazon EMR is available. Please see Regional Availability of Amazon EMR and our release notes for more details.