Posted On: Apr 8, 2021

AWS Step Functions now features a data flow simulator in the Step Functions console, making it easier to evaluate the input and output processing for your state machines, allowing you to build workflows faster.

Understanding how information flows from state to state, and learning how to filter and manipulate data, is key to effectively designing and implementing workflows on AWS Step Functions. Now with the data flow simulator, you can simulate each of the fields that Step Functions uses to process data such as InputPath, Parameters, ResultSelector, OutputPath, and ResultPath. The simulator provides a side-by-side comparison showing the data before and after the field is applied and updates in real-time as the field is changed. If you are new to Step Functions, the simulator provides an accelerated path to learn how JSONPath input and output processing can help you control the flow of data through your state machine.

To get started, access the data flow simulator from the navigation bar in the Step Functions console. You can use the pre-populated examples to get started quickly and then test using your own data. The data flow simulator is generally available in the following regions: US East (Ohio and N. Virginia), EU West (Ireland), and Canada (Central). It will be generally available in all other commercial regions where Step Functions is available in the coming days. For a complete list of regions and service offerings, see AWS Regions.

To learn more about the Step Functions data flow simulator, read the Developer Guide and try experimenting with the pre-populated example in the console.