Posted On: Apr 12, 2021

NICE DCV is a high performance remote display protocol that helps users to securely access remote desktop or application sessions, including 3D graphics applications hosted on servers with high-performance GPUs.  

We are pleased to announce the release of NICE DCV version 2021.0 with the following new features:

  • Webcam redirection for Windows Server - Customers can now use their local webcams with video conferencing or streaming applications running in a NICE DCV remote session.
  • Support for printer redirection on Linux Server - Customers can redirect print jobs from their DCV streaming session to a printer that is connected to their local computer.
  • Support for M1 Mac as client - NICE DCV Mac client can now run on Macs with M1 chips.
  • Multi-monitor support for Mac native client - Customers can use multiple monitors via their DCV Mac client.
  • NICE DCV Session Manager improvements - Session Manager now includes new APIs to describe servers, monitor server metrics such as CPU and memory utilization, enable capture session thumbnails, and limit the maximum number of sessions per server.
  • Improved support for G4ad instance type - Customers can now take advantage of GPU accelerated video encoding using AMD GPUs on Amazon EC2 G4ad instances for both Windows and Linux servers.  

NICE DCV is free to use on Amazon EC2 instances and is the remote display protocol used by Amazon Appstream 2.0 and AWS RoboMaker. Customers can also use NICE DCV via third-party connection brokers like Leostream.

For more information, see the NICE DCV 2021.0 release notes or visit the NICE DCV webpage to download and get started with DCV.