Posted On: Apr 15, 2021

AWS CloudFormation enhances the existing dynamic referencing of AWS Systems Manager Parameter Store parameters in CloudFormation templates. You can now reference the latest Systems Manager parameter values in CloudFormation templates without specifying parameter versions. If you choose not to specify the parameter versions in the template, CloudFormation will automatically fetch the latest parameter values from Parameter Store.  

CloudFormation enables developers to model, provision, and manage their cloud environment in a safe, repeatable, and predictable way. A parameter is a configuration value such as application ID, password, or license key that developers keep in Parameter Store. Parameter Store allows developers to update parameter values, which creates new parameter versions. Developers dynamically reference Parameter Store parameter values in CloudFormation templates for secure and scalable cloud provisioning. This new enhancement provides the convenience so that you do not have to specify parameter versions in the template whenever you update parameter values in Parameter Store.

This feature is available in all AWS regions where CloudFormation and Parameter Store are available. To learn more, visit CloudFormation documentation.