Posted On: May 10, 2021

Building a business case for the cloud can be a time-consuming process on your own. With Migration Evaluator, organizations can accelerate their evaluation and decision-making for migration to AWS. Quick Insights - a new capability of Migration Evaluator, provides customers with a one-page summary of their projected AWS costs based on measured on-premises provisioning and utilization. This complimentary pre-migration assessment enables customers to rapidly understand the projected cost of running their on-premises estate in the AWS Cloud.

After deploying the on-premises agentless collector or importing existing data, the Quick Insights assessment will include the projected costs to re-host at AWS based on the customer’s usage patterns and the breakdown of costs by infrastructure and software licenses. As new information is provided, results are automatically updated. This not only allows for adjustments early in the migration project, but also helps customers to align their key stakeholders.

Migration Evaluator is a complimentary offering available globally for customers. The service is hosted in US East (Northern Virginia) and cost-modelling technology is available for customers in all public regions, with the exception of mainland China. At launch, Migration Evaluator Quick Insight’s projected AWS costs are based on US East region only.