Migration Evaluator Business Case (Sample)
This directional business case presents the scope overview, on-premises cost estimation using industry benchmarks, cost modeling scenarios, SQL Server core insights, and utilization patterns.

Migration Evaluator Overview
This technical document outlines the types of data collected by the Migration Evaluator Agentless Collector, our data collection method, and includes Migration Evaluator's retention and access policies.  

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Migration Collector Installation Guide

For IT professionals deploying the agentless Migration Evaluator Collector, this guide provides step-by-step installation instructions, system requirements, and a pre-install checklist. Covering various deployment scenarios, it ensures a smooth deployment of the collector.

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Learn More - Utilization vs. Time In-Use
This document showcases how Migration Evaluator classifies server utilization data.

Data Import Template
For customers with a complete server list, including provisioning, software, and utilization details, or those wanting to move quickly while accepting assumptions, Migration Evaluator can accept a CSV or Excel file containing the data listed in our glossary.

Migration Evaluator Quick Insights (Sample)
Our migration assessment provides a concise one-page summary outlining the projected costs for re-hosting on AWS based on usage patterns, along with a detailed breakdown of infrastructure and software license costs. Once the report is generated, the results are updated daily.

Use cases

Accomplishing an Efficient Cloud Modernization Journey Using Migration Evaluator understands the imperative of adapting to rapidly changing real estate market dynamics. The online real estate marketplace requires an environment that can adapt to business-impacting events, such as policy changes or economic crises. To enhance its agility and scalability, embarked on a cloud journey to migrate and modernize its infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Parsons Saves 35% in Annual Operating Costs and Accelerates Innovation by Migrating to AWS

Parsons used Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools to analyze its current state, define its target state, and develop a migration readiness plan to help it achieve its business objectives more quickly. The company commissioned an AWS Optimization and Licensing Assessment (AWS OLA)—using a data assessment tool called Migration Evaluator—to analyze its hardware and software environment and gain visibility into the cost and resource readiness to build a data-driven business case. As a result, the company identified opportunities to reduce unplanned downtime, optimize ongoing compute costs, and bring technology to market faster by migrating to AWS.


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Migration Evaluator – Getting your Business Case Started for AWS (5:53)
Migration Evaluator: Agentless Collector Installation Walkthrough (10:33)
Optimize SQL licensing costs with AWS Migration Evaluator (3:34)
Server Dependency Mapping using Migration Evaluator (1:15)

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