Migration Evaluator (Formerly TSO Logic) is a Migration assessment service that helps customers create directional business cases for AWS cloud planning and migration. To project future-state cloud costs, Migration Evaluator helps businesses get a clear baseline of what they’re running today and recommends multiple future-state configurations to build their cloud migration strategy. The software creates a statistical model of compute patterns for all instances, showing how much is being spent, what is over-provisioned, and where there are opportunities to realize significant savings both now and in the future. Note, Migration Evaluator leverages TSO Logic technology as part of the assessment.

Inventory discovery

Migration Evaluator works for customers at all stages of migration planning.

For customers that do not have existing inventory and resource utilization data, or require a high level of accuracy, Migration Evaluator recommends installing a complimentary agentless collector. This tool is deployed on-premises and leverages read-only access to VMware, Hyper-V, Windows, Linux, Active Directory and SQL Server infrastructure. To learn more about the on-premises collector, please download our install guide on the resources page.

For customers with existing inventory, Migration Evaluator allows customers to securely upload exports from 3rd party discovery and monitoring tooling. If gaps in hardware provisioning or utilization are discovered during import, industry benchmarks are automatically applied. To learn more about what type of data is required, please download our import guide on the resources page.

AWS migration expertise

To deliver a seamless experience, Migration Evaluator includes a team of program managers and solution architects to understand the customers' migration objective (ex. exiting a data centre, shifting from cap-ex to op-ex, or changing software licensing strategies) and use that data to narrow down a subset of best suited migration patterns. The results are captured in a business case that will align business and technology stakeholders, while providing a prescriptive next step in the migration journey.

Business case report

A business case report is provided to the customer at the end of the migration assessment (example here). This report includes 5 sections:

  1. What went into the assessment (collection window, existing inventory from 3rd party export, assumptions, server counts, etc.).
  2. An executive summary of the savings across a combination of scenarios applied to different workloads.
  3. A breakdown of what went into the on-premises costs.
  4. Multiple workload specific 'what-if' scenarios for repurchasing and bring your own licenses (BYOL) (with or without dedicated hosts).
  5. Recommendation for the customer on next steps for a successful migration.
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