Posted On: Jul 15, 2021

AWS IoT Core is now integrated with AWS PrivateLink, enabling you to create private IoT Core data endpoints in your Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) using Interface VPC Endpoints. AWS PrivateLink is an AWS technology that enables private communication between your VPC and AWS services, such as IoT Core, by using private IP addresses that are not reachable from the public internet and do not require an internet gateway or NAT device to access. When used in conjunction with one of the many network-to-VPC connectivity options, your IoT Core VPC endpoint can function as though it were hosted directly on your private network.

Many customers want to connect physical devices in the field with AWS IoT Core using private networks such as private APNs or VPNs. For example, customers collecting data from machines in a connected factory may not want to expose their local factory network to the public internet for safety and security reasons. By using VPC endpoints, customers can now enable their devices to connect to AWS IoT Core using an endpoint that resolves to a private IP address within their VPC subnet. In addition, customers can restrict access to IoT Core to only allow connections over their VPC endpoint.

IoT Core data VPC endpoints are now available in all regions where AWS IoT Core is present, with the exception of AWS China regions. Visit the VPC endpoints documentation page to learn more about this feature and get started. For more information about Amazon IoT Core, visit the product page.  For information on Interface Endpoint pricing, see the AWS PrivateLink pricing page.