Posted On: Sep 13, 2021

Amazon Aurora Serverless v1 now supports setting timeout for autoscaling. Based on your application’s needs, you can specify a timeout between 1 and 10 minutes with a default value of 5 minutes. Aurora Serverless v1 looks for a period of no activity to initiate a scaling operation. If the timeout period is reached without such a point, you can stay at the current capacity or force the capacity change. Learn more about autoscaling in the Aurora Serverless v1 documentation. To set the timeout, visit the AWS Management Console or use the latest AWS SDK or CLI.

Aurora Serverless v1 is an on-demand, autoscaling configuration for Amazon Aurora, where the database will automatically start up, shut down, and scale capacity up or down based on your application's needs. It is a simple, cost-effective option for infrequent, intermittent, or unpredictable workloads. Read about Aurora Serverless v1 on the product page and in the Aurora documentation.