Posted On: Sep 16, 2021

Setting up monitoring and managing the health of your business applications is now even easier with the ability to discover the applications and resources in your account even without a Resource Group, automatically set up monitoring for them and see their health at a glance in a summary health dashboard presented when you complete setup or open CloudWatch Application Insights. CloudWatch Application Insights is a service that helps customers easily setup monitoring and troubleshoot their enterprise applications running on AWS resources. The new feature makes setting up monitoring for all the resources in your account a truly one step process.

With the addition of account auto-discovery, customers now have the choice of either setting up monitoring via the application resources in a Resource Group or having CloudWatch Application Insights setup monitoring for all the application resources in an AWS account. In either case, CloudWatch Application Insights will automatically discover the applications and resources in the resource group or the account and set up the recommended metrics, telemetry, logs and alarms. Once the setup is complete, a new summary dashboard is presented that provides an overview of the application monitoring setup and the health status of the monitored applications and resources. In this dashboard, you’ll see summaries of your monitored assets, telemetry, components and detected problems all in one convenient view. 

Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights can be accessed via the Insights tab in the CloudWatch left navigation panel. It creates Amazon CloudWatch Automatic Dashboards to visualize problem details, accelerate troubleshooting, and help reduce mean time to resolution and is available in all AWS commercial regions at no additional charge. Depending on setup, you may incur charges for Amazon CloudWatch monitoring resources. To learn more about Amazon CloudWatch Application Insights, please visit the service page here.