Posted On: Oct 13, 2021

Today we are announcing the availability of a new Amazon CloudWatch dimension for metrics in the AWS Outposts namespace. CloudWatch dimensions are unique identifiers for metrics that allow customers to search and filter results.

In order to help Outposts customers gain visibility into what accounts and services are using the capacity in their Outposts deployment, we’ve added the Account dimension to the following Outposts metrics:

  • InstanceFamilyCapacityUtilization
  • InstanceTypeCapacityUtilization
  • UsedInstanceType_Count

Outposts customers can now create alarms to be triggered when utilization of a specific instance type or family reach conditions they specify on a per account or per service basis. 

CloudWatch metrics for AWS Outposts are available to customers in all public AWS Regions and AWS GovCloud (US) at no additional cost. You can start using these metrics through the AWS Management Console, AWS CLI, or AWS SDK. To learn more, visit the AWS Outposts documentation. To learn best practices for planning, monitoring, and managing capacity with AWS Outposts, join this webinar.