Posted On: Nov 12, 2021

If you have data in sources other than Amazon S3, you can use Amazon Athena federated query to analyze the data in-place or build pipelines that extract and store data in Amazon S3. Until today, querying this data required the data source and its connector to use the same AWS account as the user querying the data. Athena now supports cross-account federated query to enable teams of analysts, data scientists, and data engineers to query data stored in other AWS accounts.

Enabling cross-account federated query is simple with Athena’s upgraded console. Using an AWS account with administrator privileges, deploy and configure one of Athena’s pre-built connectors, or a custom connector developed with Athena’s connector SDK, by selecting Data sources from the Athena console and then choosing Connect data source.

Once the connector is configured for cross-account access, navigate to the Athena console from your AWS account and select Data sources followed by Custom or shared connector to add the connector as a new data source. You can now query the data using the Athena console, compatible SQL clients, business intelligence applications, and AWS SDK. To learn more about querying federated sources see Using Amazon Athena Federated Query and Writing Federated Queries.

There are no new charges for querying connectors in another account, but Athena’s standard rates for data scanned, Lambda usage, and other services apply. For more information on Athena pricing, visit the pricing page.