Posted On: Nov 30, 2021

Amazon FSx for OpenZFS enables you to launch, run, and scale fully managed file systems on AWS that replace the ZFS or other Linux-based file servers you run on premises while helping to provide better agility and lower costs. FSx for OpenZFS is the newest member of the Amazon FSx family of services, which provides fully-featured and highly-performant file storage powered by your choice of widely-used file systems that include NetApp ONTAP, Windows File Server, and Lustre. FSx for OpenZFS file systems are accessible from Linux, Windows, and macOS compute instances and containers via the industry-standard NFS protocol (v3, v4.0, v4.1, v4.2).

FSx for OpenZFS is built on the open-source OpenZFS file system, which is widely used on premises to store and manage exabytes of application data for workloads that include machine learning, electronic chip design automation, application build environments, media processing, and financial analytics, where scale, performance, and cost efficiency are of utmost importance. Powered by AWS Graviton processors and the latest AWS disk and networking technologies, Amazon FSx for OpenZFS delivers up to 1 million IOPS with latencies of hundreds of microseconds. With complete support for OpenZFS features like instant point-in-time snapshots and data cloning, FSx for OpenZFS makes it easy for you to replace your on-premises file servers with AWS storage that provides familiar file system capabilities and eliminates the need to perform lengthy qualifications and change or re-architect existing applications or tools.

Amazon FSx for OpenZFS is available in the following AWS Regions: US East (N. Virginia), US West (Oregon), US East (Ohio), Europe (Ireland), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Europe (Frankfurt), Canada (Central).

To learn more about Amazon FSx for OpenZFS, visit the product detail page, overview video, getting started tutorial in the Amazon FSx user guide, and the AWS News blog post.