Posted On: Nov 17, 2021

Amazon Kendra is an intelligent search service powered by machine learning, enabling organizations to provide relevant information to customers and employees, when they need it. 

When a user searches for content, organizations want to only show search results that the user has access to. Organizations can now use AWS Single Sign-On (AWS SSO) identity store with Amazon Kendra for user context filtering. User context filtering allows organizations to only show content that a user has access to. Amazon Kendra can fetch access levels of groups and users from an AWS SSO identity store and use this information to only return documents a given user has access to. Amazon Kendra indexes the document access control information and at search time, this is compared with the user and group information retrieved from the AWS SSO to return filtered search results that the user has access to. AWS SSO supports identity providers such as Azure AD, CyberArk, Okta etc.

The Amazon Kendra AWS SSO identity store is available in all commercial AWS regions where Amazon Kendra is available. To learn more about the feature, visit the documentation page. To explore Amazon Kendra, visit the Amazon Kendra website.