Posted On: Nov 11, 2021

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) is a scalable, highly durable, and fully managed database service for operating mission-critical MongoDB workloads. 

Amazon DocumentDB (with MongoDB compatibility) now supports the T4g.medium and R6g instance types (Graviton2 instances). Graviton2 instances provide up to 30% performance improvement for Amazon DocumentDB workloads depending on database size.

AWS Graviton2 processors are custom built by Amazon Web Services using 64-bit Arm Neoverse cores and deliver several performance optimizations over first-generation AWS Graviton processors. This includes 7x the performance, 4x the number of compute cores, 2x larger private caches per core, 5x faster memory, and 2x faster floating-point performance per core. Additionally, the AWS Graviton2 processors feature always-on fully encrypted DDR4 memory and 50% faster per core encryption performance. These performance improvements make Graviton2 R6g database instances a great choice for database workloads. Amazon DocumentDB Graviton2 instances are available in sizes medium to 16xlarge. 

You can launch Graviton2 R6g instances and T4g.medium instances in the Amazon DocumentDB Management Console or using the AWS CLI. Upgrading an existing Amazon DocumentDB instance to Graviton2 requires a simple instance type modification, using the same steps as any other instance modification. Your applications will continue to work as normal and you will not have to port application code. For more details on database version support, refer to our documentation. For more information on how to get started, or see our getting started guide. For full pricing and regional availability see Amazon DocumentDB pricing.