Posted On: Nov 3, 2021

Database Activity Streams now supports Graviton2-based instances for Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL-Compatible Edition and Amazon Aurora MySQL-Compatible Edition. Database Activity Streams for Amazon Aurora provides a near real-time stream of database activities in your relational database for auditing and compliance purposes. When integrated with third party database activity monitoring tools, Database Activity Streams can monitor and audit database activity to provide safeguards for your database and help you meet compliance and regulatory requirements.

AWS Graviton2 processors are custom built by Amazon Web Services using 64-bit Arm Neoverse cores and deliver several performance optimizations over first-generation AWS Graviton processors. This includes 7x the performance, 4x the number of compute cores, 2x larger private caches per core, 5x faster memory, and 2x faster floating-point performance per core. Additionally, the AWS Graviton2 processors feature always-on fully encrypted DDR4 memory and 50% faster per core encryption performance. These performance improvements make Graviton2 database instances a great choice for database workloads.

Solutions built on top of Database Activity Streams can help protect your database from internal and external threats. The collection, transmission, storage, and processing of database activity is managed outside your database, providing access control independent of your database users and admins. Your database activity is encrypted and asynchronously pushed to Amazon Kinesis data stream provisioned on behalf of your Aurora cluster.

Integrations with IBM Security Guardium and Imperva provide a seamless integration with the Kinesis stream. These partner applications can generate alerts and audit all activity in your Aurora database.

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