Posted On: Dec 6, 2021

AWS Storage Gateway now supports NFS file share auditing end-user access to files, folders, and file shares on Amazon S3 File Gateway. Amazon S3 File Gateway provides on-premises applications with file-based, cached access to virtually unlimited cloud storage using SMB and NFS protocols. This feature is intended for IT administrators and compliance managers who need audit logs about user access to files and folders for security and compliance requirements. 

With this launch, NFS client operations for files and folders are logged to provide key operations for files and folders including create, delete, read, write, rename, and change of permissions. You can publish logs to Amazon CloudWatch Logs or stream logs to Amazon Kinesis Data Firehose, enabling you to query, process, store, and archive logs and trigger actions.

This capability is now available on new gateways in all commercial regions. For existing gateways, this new capability will be made available during the next scheduled software update. Visit the AWS Storage Gateway product page to learn more and access the AWS Storage Gateway console to get started.