Posted On: Dec 1, 2021

AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) is a service that helps you migrate databases to AWS quickly and securely. AWS DMS Fleet Advisor is a new feature of AWS DMS that allows you to quickly build a database and analytics migration plan by automating the discovery and analysis of your fleet. AWS DMS Fleet Advisor is intended for users looking to migrate a large number of database and analytic servers to AWS.

AWS DMS Fleet Advisor collects and analyzes your database schemas and objects, including information on feature metadata, schema objects, and usage metrics. It then allows you to build a customized migration plan by determining the complexity of migrating your source databases to target services in AWS. AWS DMS Fleet Advisor makes it easy to plan your database and analytics migration to AWS without requiring expensive migration experts or third-party tools.

To get started with AWS DMS Fleet Advisor, visit the AWS DMS Studio console and follow the instructions to install the AWS DMS data collector to discover your database and analytics server fleet. AWS DMS Fleet Advisor is free to use, learn more on the AWS DMS pricing page. You can learn more about Fleet Advisor by reading our documentation.