Posted On: Dec 8, 2021

You can now use AWS Launch Wizard to lead you through a best practices deployment of self-managed Remote Desktop Gateway (RD Gateway) on Amazon EC2. AWS Launch Wizard uses the AWS Well-Architected Framework to guide you through the sizing, configuration, and deployment of RD Gateway on the AWS Cloud, without the need to manually identify and provision individual AWS resources. RD Gateway employs Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) over HTTPS which helps establishes a secure, encrypted connection between remote users and Amazon EC2 instances running Windows, without needing to configure a virtual private network (VPN). This helps reduce the attack surface on your Windows-based instances while providing a remote administration solution for administrators.

AWS Launch Wizard offers a guided way of sizing, configuring, and deploying AWS resources for third-party applications. With this launch, it now supports Microsoft SQL Server, Active Directory, Remote Desktop Gateway, Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS) and SAP-based workloads. AWS Launch Wizard is available at no additional charge. You only pay for the AWS resources that are provisioned for running your workload.

To learn more about using AWS Launch Wizard to accelerate your Remote Desktop Gateway deployments, visit the overview documentation.