Posted On: Feb 28, 2022

AWS Solutions has updated the AWS QnABot, an open source, multi-channel, multi-language conversational chatbot built on Amazon Lex, that responds to your customer’s questions, answers, and feedback. Without programming, the AWS QnABot solution allows customers to quickly deploy self-service conversational AI on multiple channels including their contact centers, web sites, social media channels, SMS text messaging, or Amazon Alexa.

Here are a number of new capabilities that you can benefit from this solution update (v5.1.0):

  • Use AWS QnAbot as a self-service contact center virtual agent, now available for Genesys Cloud contact center platform, to reduce hold times for your callers and lower costs. The new QnABot Content Designer Genesys integration wizard makes setup easy with automatically generated contact flow and step by step guide - refer to AWS QnABot Solution and Genesys Cloud CX video.
  • Deploy a single AWS QnABot to provide differentiated responses to questions depending on context - for example the same QnABot can provide department specific answers when used from department specific web pages or call flows - refer to Client Filter demo video.
  • Mask sensitive information such as credit card info, social security number using machine learning (ML) powered Personally Identifiable Information (PII) log redaction.
  • Create custom usage reports in Kibana based on tags that can now be assigned to questions using Content Designer.
  • Provide additional integration points for customizing behavior without needing to modify solution source code, using new pre- and post-processing AWS Lambda Hooks.

For details about this solution, visit the solution’s AWS Solutions Implementation webpage.

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