Posted On: Mar 28, 2022

Amazon EventBridge schema registry now supports Go language for generating code bindings for event schemas, making it easier to use your schema as objects in your code. You can generate these code bindings for a schema by using the EventBridge console, APIs, or AWS SDK toolkits for Jetbrains (Intellij, PyCharm, Webstorm, Rider) and VS Code. Previously, we have supported Java, Python, and Typescript for generating code bindings. With support for Go, you can download code bindings in your preferred IDE to take advantage of features like code validation and auto-completion.

Amazon EventBridge schema registry is a central registry for storing your schemas - or event structure - for all events published on your event bus. You can add schema to the registry yourself or turn on the Schema Discovery feature to automatically add all schema sent to an event bus to the registry. Any developer in your organization can easily search for and access events in the registry. Once you have a schema, you can download code bindings. 

The EventBridge schema registry is available at no additional cost and customers only pay for schema discovery. The schema discovery feature has a free tier of 5 million ingested events per month, and a fee of $0.10 per million ingested events outside of the free tier. All ingested events are measured in 8KB chunks. For more info on pricing, please see the EventBridge pricing page.

Amazon Schema Registry support for Go language is available in the following regions: US East (Ohio and N. Virginia), US West (Oregon and N. California), Canada (Central), Europe (Stockholm, Paris, Ireland, Frankfurt, and London), Asia Pacific (Mumbai, Tokyo, Seoul, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Sydney), and South America (Sao Paulo). 

To learn more:

Visit the EventBridge product page.
Read EventBridge Schema Registry in the Amazon EventBridge Developer Guide.